Executive Summary

Corporate social responsibility programs are progressively working with sponsorship as a vehicle to give goals for 2 major motives. Primary, sport really can improve a person’s existence. Irrespective of whether being a player or viewer, people engage with sport in this particular approach that this might make a major distinction to their wellness and/or their particular way of life. Next, sport is operate at each and every stage possible, coming from children actively playing sports in the backyard, to significant international activities like the ISSF or Olympic Games.For organizations looking to establish flourishing CSR programs, sport consequently comes with a ready together with adaptive platform which can be taken to an array of goals.

Sport  Promotion and CSR

For a long time organizations have assisted to invest their particular CSR funds on assisting ecological or arts-based factors but progressively sport activity is being noticed as a way to satisfy social along with community commitments. Sport is certainly a lot more influential approach and approaching and fascinating with increased people from along the entire community and demographic array. Although pure sports sponsorship is frequently determined by hard-nosed promotional and organization decisions, any sort of CSR investment is reliant much more about how an organization can enhance the communities when it functions.Whenever a decision is taken up invest just about all, or component of, a CSR budget over sport, sponsors are realizing precisely how necessary it can be that they select a purpose and sport which often  carries a synergy together with the organization’s own mission statement along with values combined with  its offerings. Sport is an efficient CSR channel since it gives you values that any kind of socially-responsible business ought to be aiming for. Such as honest play to absolutely everyone concerned including staff members and companies, openness and opportunities for many to become successful, together with wonderful community relationships. Sport is contributing value to the sponsor and particular sports and additionally concurrently transforming people’s lives on a regional, national and global level.  Sports rights owners are definitely realizing the communal advantage of teaming up along with companies to push frontward CSR programs.  Precisely how sports keep on top of their sportsmen and women right after they retire is furthermore a CSR accountability that must definitely be dealt with if brand sponsors are interested. Nevertheless, the funding of community sports-based projects like this could possibly switch to convincing private sector sponsors to become involved in sport as well.

1) 5th GFG SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM (2015) Every year GFG conduct Shooting Championships which is open for everyone. GFG added spice to shooting championship by announcing scholarship program. In this program, among all the participants, the successful top 50 candidates are selected for First Shot program. Out of them, the top 20 candidates are selected for Reload program and then, 8 best candidates are shortlisted for the Level 3 program, The top 6 out of these are further selected for level 4 and the top 5 out of these candidates are selected for level 5. These top 5 shooters are now ready to participate at the national level in India. Out of these 5, top 3 are awarded with further scholarship of enrollment to level 6 under international coaches. Out of these 3, the top performer is selected for a further 2 yrs scholarship and is undergoing training for representing the country at the international level. The total scholarship offered to all the above is worth 1876000/-

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2) 4th GFG SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM (2014) In Gun for Glory Shooting Championship (2014), GFG announced various scholarships to boost shooter’s confidence and to provide support to candidate. Among all the participants, the best 3 scorers all throughout the Championship got a full 3 year Scholarship Training Program in the academy, free of cost, with expert coaches all round the globe. Apart from that, the relevant top 50 candidates are selected for Level-1 program. Out of them, best 20 candidates are selected for Level-2 program and then, 6 best candidates are shortlisted for the Level 3 program for a time span of 2 years. 

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As it is said from many decades, “All work and no Play makes Jack a Dull boy”. Sport education must reach to roots. Sports education not only teaches the students to maintain the physical stamina, but also the habit of obedience, discipline, the determination to win, willpower, etc. The power of reasoning, mental development, vocational specialization comes from the academic education of the students. Therefore, sports education along with the academics result in the all-round development of the students. Reflex action and reflection is very important for almost any skill development, which is definitely cultivated by means of shooting sport. As shooting is a game of concentration, it boosts person’s natural learning habits and analytical capability. A good sportsman consistently discovers to comply with the rules of the games and the responses of their superiors. This also teaches them leadership attributes, sticking to teamwork and presenting team spirit. Sports schooling trains the students to manage defeat with a smile and keep the humbleness even in glory. It is the healthiest means of refreshments together with entertainment. Hence GFG conducting school survey projects to spread awareness of shooting sport. Desire of GFG is to set up at least set up 10 indoor shooting ranges at each school as a physical education curriculum part. So, students may be familiar with basic shooting concepts. All these little angles needs the right direction, facilities and handful of freedom to develop their dreams.


As a sport foundation GFG not only focusing over national and international shooter development but, GFG insist shooters to be strong at formal education parallel to sport. We believe that sport makes person a social, cultural and person with spirit for nation but on same page he/she must be educated to sustain in the society. Hence GFG is aiming scholarships for good educational performers to motivate shooters. For this program GFG starting library facility for shooters where shooters can be able to study as well as can utilize sport’s library facility. This will be India’s first dedicated Shooting Sport Library.


There is a unbelievable count of women and youth in India who desired to join shooting sport, but due to multiple responsibilities women lagging behind. GFG desires to get all those women and youth in a shooting sport by providing solution for their pull factor. Girls and women who play sports have higher levels of confidence and self-esteem and lower levels of depression. Girls and women who play sports have a more positive body image and experience higher states of psychological well-being than girls and women who do not play sports. Ancient Vedas mentioned women as a ‘Shakti’. Let us give opportunity to help them to prove it again and again. Women fitness projects are going good but our intension is to provide good mind and psychological sustainability. If she gets self-esteem, she can lead the nation and can lead the enthusiastic generation.


Health is a pillar of any sport and it is a building block of sportsman’s personality. GFG seek support to maintain shooter’s health with provision of scheduled health checkups, routine tests for all, in-house yoga sessions, in-house physiotherapy, in-house psychological consultation support, Anti-doping policy awareness. In this project GFG will maintain health card of every shooter for periodical analysis of health for which there will be provision of analytical modeling to know health degradation if any.


GFG community strives for excellence within three communities like school students, Youth and women. As the project name is ‘Trishul’, we believe all these three communities equally may generate potential in shooting sport achievement. So, GFG teams engaged to uplift all these three potential elements of society. India is a potential country in all aspects due to integrity in diversity. To become a good person it is important to respect our society and to return society a little step for huge move.